Svetlana Kalpakchi named Chief Conductor

The 28-year-old Ukrainian maestra named Chief Conductor of the Northwest Slavic Orchestra and Chorale. "Being the first woman to hold the position in an organization that advocates male-dominant leadership is truly breaking through the glass ceiling", says Svetlana. She is described to have the qualities to bring out the most romantic melody lines as well as the triumphant Wagnerian operas. Her nontraditional appearance and intricately developed inner qualities are sure to stun her audiences. 


Finland Conducting Masterclass

15th International Sasha Mäkilä Conducting Masterclass in Helsinki, Finland

February 18-22, 2019

Helsinki Metropolitan Orchestra

Ten participants will get an intense masterclass experience over five days in Helsinki, Finland, working with maestro Sasha Mäkilä and the string section of the Helsinki Metropolitan Orchestra.

Bethlehem Slavic Church Choirs open their 2018-19 season under new leadership

Many changes have come to the organization under Svetlana's leadership. Among the brightest are professionalism and a kind serving attitude that she spreads to her ensembles. "We don't know how she does it, - said organization management, - so much in-balance extremes". For Christmas Day, the big performance has received much preparation and is expecting a full audience. We look forward to see where she takes the organization with her innovative ideas.

BSC Committee.



Los Angeles Times

The classically trained 27-year-old violinist from Ukraine picked up mariachi four years ago while pursuing her master’s degree in conducting. Now she works as an orchestral conductor and as the director of Mariachi Las Aguilas at Eastern Washington University near Spokane.

Kalpakchi said mariachi has harmonic functions and structure similar to traditional Ukrainian music. Fitting into the world of mariachi wasn’t difficult, she said.

“It’s a connecting environment where it doesn’t matter where you come from, as long as you live up to the art,” she said.