I would like to welcome you, your students, and family supporters to a new year of possibilities and opportunities to multiply the God-given talents! It is a blessing for me to share my expertise and education with my students and to witness them experiencing the joy of discovering their full potential and serving God.


Philosophy Statement

My philosophy of education advocates the following:

1) preparation of each student with a solid foundation in music

2) the development of an informed and inquiring mind that enables every student to engage the fundamental issues of his or her art

3) to become an effective leader in our community.


My priority is to focus on the progression from a student into an artist. My international and professional engagements limit my studio to highly committed students with great parental support. Therefore, students will be accepted upon evaluation and by audition process only. My students receive priority in open music positions and are among the first to be selected as candidates for open music positions in Spokane and surrounding areas. Prospective students are required to perform an audition. Admitted students will have the privileges of a small studio and direct mentoring in artistic preparation beyond theoretical musicianship.


Auditions will take place between December 6th and 10th. Lessons begin the week of January 3rd.


Audition requirements:

             - 4 octave technique (scales, arpeggios, chords)

             - Two compositions from the standard classical repertoire in contrasting styles

             - An improvisatory work (prepared by ear)

             - A one page cover letter explaining your goals and inspirations as a musician.

Professional Development

Upon completion of my graduate studies, I received invitations from the national and international music organizations where I had the opportunity to work with today’s world renowned musicians in New York, Colorado, Kiev, Las Vegas, Vienna, and Czech Republic. Beyond the artistic levels, my goal through these opportunities is to shine a Godly light upon the people I come in contact with that would give a spark in their hearts for a divine intervention. The true reason for my service is to be as best as possible at the craft while serving with a humble heart; to be a vessel in the hands of God that He can use for His glory. I pray that this year be a transformational experience for your child and that they experience the true joy of serving God and his people. For more details about my career engagements, feel free to request a copy of my Curriculum Vitae.


I look forward to an exciting year of exceptional growth of my students!